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Tartino Holdings enables its clients to facilitate worldwide virtual payments through all business channels, empowering them to smoothen their financial footing.

Transactional Flexibility

We are proud of our customized payment solutions for our clients. We cover all your needs: From a basic secure payment assistance to improve your online transactions to a comprehensive online payment system.

Faster Transactions

Our systems allow you to get payments across most currencies and get them transferred directly to your account in real-time. With us, you get a simplified payment process for batch and deferred payment processing.

Minimize your expenses

Our well spread network and collaborations with authorized licensed banks ensure a smooth transaction where in we process the payments directly to your dealers, making the process more cost-effective for your business.

Get tailored packages to suit your every need-big or small!

We take pride in our expertise to provide you with customized packages whether you are an established name or just beginning your journey in the business world.

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